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7 Jan

Two Important Reasons To Hire Carpet Cleaning Professionals

cleaning rugs and carpetingWell-maintained carpets can increase the overall look and quality of life inside any house. It acts as an amazing filter to your cooling and heating system. Carpets are designed to trap dust particles and pull dirt by gravity. However, as time passes, carpets can become saturated with excess dirt. That is when it’s filtering effect decreases drastically. Conversely, if you want to increase the longevity of carpets and boost its filtering abilities, you should clean them periodically. Martha Stewart has a great guide on cleaning the carpets here. However, it would be wiser to hire professional carpet cleaners, who can get rid of accumulated food particles, soils, pollen grains and many other contaminants.


23 Sep

The Role of Women in Manufacturing

Ever since the industrial revolution, the manufacturing sector has always been dominated by men. In the early days, factories used to be full of men working away during day and night, in overalls and they would always seem to be dirty and with grease on their hands.

Today, in the twenty-first century, that is changing. There is an increasing number of women who are joining this industry. Whether it is in Aluminum manufacturing and extrusion, or steel, or even other metals, women are increasingly playing an important role in factories that produce all types of extruded metals and products.

Cultural Changes

In the early days, it would have been a shame for a woman to work in a factory. Today, it is an honorable profession for hundreds of thousands of women every day. It is no longer strange to find a woman working for an auto-manufacturer such as Ford or Chrysler. It is also no longer strange for women to work on assembly lines that produce extruded metal products that are made of aluminium, steel or even copper.

Manufacturing Skills

Women can do the job just as much as the man can do it today. Furthermore, with the advent of new technology, the aluminum manufacturing world in companies such as Alcoa and Signature Aluminum is now more about education and skill rather than brute force. In this post by Signature Aluminum on foundlocally, the company describes that more than forty percent of its workforce is now women. That has not always been the case. Up until the last century, manufacturing required a lot of physical strength, and that usually meant that only a man could do the job, or even apply and be considered for that job. That is no longer the case. With modern machinery such as t-slot extrusion machines that can produce extruded aluminum frames, the need for physical strength is not as it used to be. In fact, the need for mental strength, intelligence and education are much more important. Is it any wonder that more women are joining aluminum manufacturing factories than ever in the past.

Gender Gap in the Aluminum Industry

The aluminum fabrication and extrusion industry have been leading the way when it comes to adopting more female-friendly policies. Some companies even have quotas to ensure that a certain percentage of their assembly line and factory workers are females. In addition, there is also the office component which includes planning, operations, and engineering. And even in this field, we find an increasing number of female workers and students. For example, females make up almost 50% of chemical engineering students at many universities across Canada and the United States.

Growth of Aluminum Manufacturing

One of the driving factors that have attracted women to this industry is the fact that aluminum manufacturers have been expanding their operations during the past few years. Many companies are increasing their production capacity due to increasing demand. T-slot extruded aluminum and other extruded products have been one of the areas that have seen a significant increase in demand, and as a result, there has been much hiring in the field, and a good portion of those hired have been women.

As the industry continues along the same path that is has been heading, it is surely to produce more opportunities for growth and for learning. It is good to see that there has been an increase in the number of women in that industry for the past decade.

1 May

Women’s Health Issues in View of Today’s Modern Clinics

Health is one of those things that most people consider to be very important in life. So then should one spare any expense or effort in maintaining a good health and life? The answer to most is no. And that is one of the things that many women in Brampton Ontario are realizing in the past few years and decades.

women health clinics

Health Clinics in Brampton

One of the things that have allowed people of all ages and sizes to be more aware of their health needs is the advent of the walk in clinic! In the past, many people would not want to go to the doctor because it would take too long and they have to schedule and appointment. Then when they visit the doctor’s office, they usually have to wait for more than on the hour. Finally, they get to see the physician, the doctor is in such a rush and usually does not give them the time of day. Enter the modern walk in clinic!

Advent of Walk in Clinics

Today, Brampton walk-in clinics serve more people than traditional health clinics and services. There is a reason for this, and that reason is quite simple. People, and especially those with a busy lifestyle are finding it more convenient to go to a medical clinic that is near their home, and without having to book an appointment. That is truly marvelous because the walkin clinic concept is very good for today’s generation, who are always on the go and do not want to wait for two hours at a doctor’s office.

Female Doctors

Another one of the effects of the modern walk in clinic in Brampton is the increasing popularity of female doctors. More women are comfortable using a female doctor than a male doctor. Women’s health magazine records that an increasing number of women prefer a female physician. You can also read more here about the increasing use of female physicians for clinics in Brampton. This really should not be the case because of the nature of the profession. However, in some places it is preferable, and that has resulted in an increase in demand for female physicians, particularly in the walkin medical centers.

Other Health Issues

In addition to helping people get over the common cold and flu, there is also an increasing use of medical clinics for issues such as weight loss and other non-traditional health problems. This trend is bound to increase and continue in the future as people turn to the medical profession for everything from improving their health to getting dietary supplements from their local pharmacy. Visit for more information about the latest services for women’s health in Brampton.

As the world moves forward and advances in so many ways, the healthcare field is no exception, and it is bound to make women’s lives much better and healthier in the near future.

13 Apr


WEM is a pub­lic inter­est par­tic­i­pant, advo­cat­ing for more effec­tive pro­grams to increase energy savings

WEM pro­posed an Admin­is­tra­tive Struc­ture for Energy Effi­ciency like one in Texas which saved 40% more energy dol­lars than California’s cur­rent system.

WEM’s “Brief His­tory” of a very sig­nif­i­cant CPUC pro­ceed­ing that cre­ated inde­pen­dent EE pro­grams run by cities, non-profits & small businesses.

13 Apr


WEM’s rec­om­men­da­tions in the 2011 Green­house Gas Pro­ceed­ingEON’s blog and video reports on the Copen­hagen con­fer­ence Why Cap-And-Trade is a mis­take and what we need instead

13 Apr


Start­ing around the time of the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion, new forms of energy fueled an indus­trial rev­o­lu­tion, first in Eng­land, then in Amer­ica and Europe. Pre­vi­ously, energy was based on biol­ogy and nat­ural processes.

WEM is a net­work of women & men who approach energy issues from a woman’s point of view. WEM cel­e­brates the ways women have used their energy through the ages to work for the pub­lic good.

13 Apr


Power plants are almost all located in low-income, minor­ity com­mu­ni­ties, caus­ing seri­ous health dam­age. WEM mem­bers in these com­mu­ni­ties are push­ing for con­struc­tion of clean energy sys­tems with local jobs & eco­nomic ben­e­fits.