The Role of Women in Manufacturing

Ever since the industrial revolution, the manufacturing sector has always been dominated by men. In the early days, factories used to be full of men working away during day and night, in overalls and they would always seem to be dirty and with grease on their hands.

Today, in the twenty-first century, that is changing. There is an increasing number of women who are joining this industry. Whether it is in Aluminum manufacturing and extrusion, or steel, or even other metals, women are increasingly playing an important role in factories that produce all types of extruded metals and products.

Cultural Changes

In the early days, it would have been a shame for a woman to work in a factory. Today, it is an honorable profession for hundreds of thousands of women every day. It is no longer strange to find a woman working for an auto-manufacturer such as Ford or Chrysler. It is also no longer strange for women to work on assembly lines that produce extruded metal products that are made of aluminium, steel or even copper.

Manufacturing Skills

Women can do the job just as much as the man can do it today. Furthermore, with the advent of new technology, the aluminum manufacturing world in companies such as Alcoa and Signature Aluminum is now more about education and skill rather than brute force. In this post by Signature Aluminum on foundlocally, the company describes that more than forty percent of its workforce is now women. That has not always been the case. Up until the last century, manufacturing required a lot of physical strength, and that usually meant that only a man could do the job, or even apply and be considered for that job. That is no longer the case. With modern machinery such as t-slot extrusion machines that can produce extruded aluminum frames, the need for physical strength is not as it used to be. In fact, the need for mental strength, intelligence and education are much more important. Is it any wonder that more women are joining aluminum manufacturing factories than ever in the past.

Gender Gap in the Aluminum Industry

The aluminum fabrication and extrusion industry have been leading the way when it comes to adopting more female-friendly policies. Some companies even have quotas to ensure that a certain percentage of their assembly line and factory workers are females. In addition, there is also the office component which includes planning, operations, and engineering. And even in this field, we find an increasing number of female workers and students. For example, females make up almost 50% of chemical engineering students at many universities across Canada and the United States.

Growth of Aluminum Manufacturing

One of the driving factors that have attracted women to this industry is the fact that aluminum manufacturers have been expanding their operations during the past few years. Many companies are increasing their production capacity due to increasing demand. T-slot extruded aluminum and other extruded products have been one of the areas that have seen a significant increase in demand, and as a result, there has been much hiring in the field, and a good portion of those hired have been women.

As the industry continues along the same path that is has been heading, it is surely to produce more opportunities for growth and for learning. It is good to see that there has been an increase in the number of women in that industry for the past decade.